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Wherever a ship is going, planning its journey is crucial. This is the task of the seemingly invisible organisers who are found in the back-offices of shipping companies; planning each and every move of their ships and crew.

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Shipping companies: martime planers.

All shipping companies are in need of well-qualified administrative staff. The size of the back-office depends heavily on the type and scope of operations. The qualifications required by staff will also vary depending on the type of organisation, for example, a cruise-liner company, a tanker operator or a container liner company. Would you like to work ashore for a shipping company? No matter whether you have studied law, finance, engineering or marketing, there will be a need for you in the shipping business. Working as a broker within a shipping company, or in a specified brokerage firm, is a crucial role. Trying to tackle the current market conditions and being able to predict future supply and demand could mean the difference between failure and success for the shipping companies.

Logistic chain organisator

If you are a hands-on person, you could decide to work with operational support ashore, similarly to a number of former seafarers. You would attend to the coordination between many different groups: customers, port authorities, coastal administrations, insurance companies and classification societies. Other important back-office tasks require well qualified workers to undertake such responsibilities as document handling, quality assurance, maintenance and repair.

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