After having travelled across the oceans on board a ship, the cargo still has some way to go before it reaches its final destination. When working in logistics you are responsible for the smooth onward transportation of the cargo.

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Become a cargo conductor

Maritime cargo operations are always part of a supply chain that also entails transport or handling operations outside the usual transport ways. Some shipping companies have formed separate business units offering door-to-door transport and a wide range of logistics services; others leave this part of the market to dedicated third party logistics operators. Efficient logistics operations are crucial for seamless supply chains and are a key factor in making maritime companies competitive and successful.

Would you like to be part of the maritime logistics chain? Your contribution is very much in demand; whether you would like to be involved in dealing directly, or more indirectly with the cargo flows. Skilled truck drivers and equipment handling operators for fork-lifts, reach-stackers or straddle-carriers are needed to deal with valuable cargo being transported to the customer.

Third party logistics providers also need advisors for strategic and operational logistics planning. Customs clearance, the safe handling of hazardous cargo and being able to track and trace the cargo are key challenges for such providers and require skilled and well-trained staff.

Increasingly, handling information in an efficient way provides a key competitive advantage for maritime logistics providers. The use of state-of-the-art IT solutions (ERP systems, track-and-trace systems based on RFID identification etc.) and providing know-how on how to integrate such systems with customer systems is very much in demand.

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