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Are you interested in working on board an ocean-going ship? Discover the many advantages and possibilities a seafaring career can offer you! Adventures, freedom, good pay, a safe job and great opportunities for advancement.

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Your chance to see the world

Would you love to explore the world and have your own freedom? Are you eager to work in the first year of your education and receive a good payment for it? Would you like to get promoted to officer, chief engineer or even captain within a few years? Are you keen to acquire technical and managerial skills that you can use throughout your career? Are you interested in living and working together with people from many different cultures?

Go for a seafaring career!  

  • Living on board is attractive as you never work from 8am to 5pm. Every day is different and although there are important rules to follow on board and the work can sometimes be very challenging, adventure and freedom play a large part.
  • During your travels you get the chance to discover many new things! As you are living and working together with people from other cultures and visiting many different destinations, you will always have something interesting to communicate to those back home.
  • You will have the chance to further develop your technical and mechanical skills, which you can use at all stages of your career, including a job ashore. You can learn how to navigate a huge ship through waters, storms and sea ice and you will even learn how to deal with a piracy threat!
  • The entertainment facilities in the common room and in your own room give you the chance to hang out during your free time with your fellow crew members.
  • There is always work for seafarers and you can receive a good salary immediately after you have finished your education and training. If you are on board a ship as part of your educational study, you will already have received a good internship payment.

On this portal you will find much more information about the life of seafarers and about the different careers you can have within the maritime industry.


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