Careers on board

You have what it takes to become a seafarer? Then explore the many different job opportunities available on board a ship and find out if there is one that is just right for you.

There is a variety of jobs ashore and on board ships. The ships are the limbs of the shipping industry which carry out the actual transportation of people and goods. Each vessel is manned with a crew that are responsible for guiding the ship and cargo safely through the world’s oceans, from one port to another. To overcome the various challenges during a voyage, teamwork is important and every crew member has clearly assigned responsibilities. The manning of each vessel has a structure that consists of two different departments – the deck department and the engine department.

While the people working in the deck department are responsible for navigating and manoeuvring the vessel, as well as for attending to its cargo, the people working in the engine department are responsible for keeping the ship’s engines running, as well as all of the other machinery that can be found on board.


However, these are just some of the job opportunities at sea. Depending on the size and the type of the vessel there might be many more. Also, an on board profession today is not considered a dead-end road – it is only a stage in most seafarers’ career paths. Seafarers usually stay between three and six years on board and are then perfectly experienced for working in the maritime industry ashore.


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