My maritime career

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Careers on board

You have what it takes to become a seafarer? Then explore the many different job opportunities available on board a ship. Find out if there is one that’s just right for you.

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Careers ashore

Consider yourself a landlubber? There is an abundance of interesting jobs available in the maritime industry ashore. There is one just right for you.

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A lifecycle view on your maritime career

Work in the European Maritime Industry won´t mean to make all the time the same job. Inside the European Maritime Industry you have lots of career opportunities.

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My Martime Career Path

When you chose a seafaring career, that doesn’t automatically mean spending the rest of your life at sea. Many professionals start their career on a ship and later transfer to a job ashore where they can apply the skills they learned at sea close to their family.

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Application tips

Your application is like a first impression and crucial if you really want to get that job. If you are not sure what really matters, check out these websites that will guide you along the application process.

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Learn online

Are you interested in building your career? Why don’t you enrol in one of the three online courses: they are flexible and completely free. It’s right there at your fingertips - there is no easier way to gain substantial knowledge and relevant skills.

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Job offers

Now it´s time to catch your job! If you want to find well-paid jobs in the shipping industry, you can find all you need here: a collection of relevant job portals.

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