European Maritime Industry

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The maritime logistics chain

The shipping industry is crucial to the world economy as a staggering 9/10 of goods are transported onboard ships. Job opportunities abound, almost 5 million Europeans work in the maritime industry with its many career opportunities.

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Future trends in the shipping industry

As the world is changing, so is the shipping industry. New megaships keep outsizing older models, while emerging technologies boost efficiency. Take a look into future.

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Mapping the industry

Check out education institutions, training centres and career opportunities in your neighbourhood. With this interactive map you can find the EMI. There are many sites of European Maritime Industry throughout Europe.

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Taking social responsibility

European shipping companies are embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – for the benefit of the environment, workers and communities. Find out about their strategies and why CSR is particularly important for the shipping industry.

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Rewards and salaries

A Master Mariner from Western Europe can earn more than 100,000 euros annually. But even regular seamen can be sure of their rights - from conctractual hours of rest to paid annual leave and health and safety protection.

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